Last day. A new course, new challenges

It was the last day of my English course. I didn’t have a final exam, but I went through a long questionnaire, like I did on my first day. The results confirm my English evolution! According to the teacher, I uploaded two levels if we consider this blog category about my English course in Birmingham, which […]

Day nine. Charity shops in the main roads

Charity shops are often popular with people who are prudent or economical in the consumption of consumable resources such as food, time or money. They are a type of social enterprise, where goods sold are donated by members of the public. Their popularity increased because many charities can repurchase objects used to resell at competitive prices. […]

Day eight. Past, present and future in the Thinktank Museum

Today we went to the Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, located within the Millennium Point complex on Curzon Street. The museum shares the Millennium Point building with Birmingham City University. It is in the Digbeth district. This is an old industrial area in the south of the city. But now we can see new infrastructure under construction and work […]

Day seven. Let’s go shopping with the alphabet

The exercise was more complicated in my English course today because it was to do with memory. We can exercise our innate ability when we play as children. So we played the alphabet game with things we can buy: “Yesterday I went shopping and I bought an apricot, some bread, three carrots, a packet of dog biscuit, half a dozen eggs, […]

Day six. Something that some people don’t know

We started the second week English course in Birmingham with an outdoor interesting activity. But before we talked about the weekend. I had a busy weekend with my daughter and my wife. On Friday afternoon we walked in Sutton Park, in Sutton Coldfield. It is an important and is the largest urban park in the Midlands. […]