Day five. Birmingham city centre

It was an other special day in my intensive English course. Steph, my personal English teacher, proposed a visit to Birmingham today. It’s Friday! Before, we went to a car accessory supermarket to buy a sat nav. I’m going to drive this weekend to visit our friends, and I’m lost without a GPS for British roads. It is […]

Day four. Nice coincidences in Birmingham

Today I don’t have a car, Isabel and Gina decided go to a Children’s Farm near Tamworth. Before, at half past height, they took me to my English course in Erdington: five hours to learn English with my personal teacher Steph! When it stopped raining, we went into Steph’s garden to practice new sentences and […]

Day two. My first shopping list in English

I’m not allowed to speak any Spanish during my personal English course. Today we went to a supermarket nearest to the house. In the supermarket we bought bananas, apples, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sliced bread. Before, Isabel helped me to write my first English shopping list. On my shopping list we had broccoli, but there wasn’t any in the […]