I arrived by car with my family for my first lesson (I was a little nervous). I started my personal course at half past eight. My personal teacher, Stephanie Manson, lives in a beautiful house near the city center of Birmingham. I take my lessons in her house, which lasts for five hours! This is a very long time, but she teaches English very patiently, and I try to learn English as much as I can.

I started my course by taking one long test, a hundred questions about grammar, vocabulary and syntax. I did this questionare in one hour! Then, I found some objects in the kitchen and I wrote some sentences about them. This was amusing, but the reward was a cup of coffee with hand made rock cake.

Steph has a big nice garden. We walked in to the garden for practicing new vocabulary and new sentences. I learn slowly, but this is very interesting and the hours pass quickly. The first day of my personal English course ends with a glass of wine (Rioja Reserva) for chatting in English. Thanks Steph for this helpful course!

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