The main activity on the third day of my English course was to walk from Steph’s house  to the town centre. This was the route:

First, we turned left into Rollason road and left again in to church road. On the left we passed by Erditon Aquatics shop. We crossed over Deakin road on the corner of Trafalgar road and Church road. We passed an off license, a place to buy alcohol to take away. And then, we walked up the hill. On the right hand side there was a church, at the top of the hill. The church is called Saint Banabas. We were walking through the church yard. After the church, we turned right on to the High Street. Then we came to the end of the High Street and we saw the Library: it is an old and interesting house. Opposite the library there is a gym.

We went back along the same route. We crossed New Street, there were hanging baskets with flowers on the lamp post. Then, we crossed Barnabas road. Opposite the church on the right is the church house, now this is a Drug Store. Near to the Church House there is an old house too: the funeral house. We passed by Church road, and continued on the Hight street. We crossed York road. At the roundabout (six ways), we turned left in to Woodend road. We recrossed Trafalgar road and Deakin Road. Finally, we turned back in to Rollason road, and we arrived!

At home, after reviewing the tour, we played Scrable: my first time playing Scrable in English! I won the game, or the teacher let me win. I don’t know for sure.

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