It was an other special day in my intensive English course. Steph, my personal English teacher, proposed a visit to Birmingham today. It’s Friday! Before, we went to a car accessory supermarket to buy a sat nav. I’m going to drive this weekend to visit our friends, and I’m lost without a GPS for British roads. It is difficult enough to drive on the left, luckily the driver was seated on the right side!

The canal was the first interesting place we visited in Birmingham city centre. There was an artificial waterway built to transport coal and the manufacturing of boats inland. Now, this canal is dedicated to tourists, and industrials boats have become houseboats, restaurants and watercraft.

The Library of Birmingham was a big and beautiful building affectionately named “The Cake”. We had great views from the two terraces here. The Discovery Terrace on level three and The Secret Garden on level seven are planted with fruit, vegetables and herbs. From here, we walked around Centenary Square, the Theatre and Victoria Square.

From Victoria Square we could see the Council House and took a picture of the famous “Floozie in the jacuzzi”. This is a Birmingham fountain statue, officially opened by Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1993. But, the fountain is completely dry now because it was broken.

I find that in the local press: Birmingham City Council decided to fill the fountain with flowers and plants to avoid water loss and repairs to the filtration.

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