We started the second week English course in Birmingham with an outdoor interesting activity. But before we talked about the weekend. I had a busy weekend with my daughter and my wife.

On Friday afternoon we walked in Sutton Park, in Sutton Coldfield. It is an important and is the largest urban park in the Midlands. A railway line runs through the park, but it is an important site for wildlife and conservation. We enjoyed the natural countryside that has survived for hundreds of years. On Saturday morning we drove from Sutton Coldfield to the Black Country Living Museum; an open air museum of historic buildings and industrial activities in Dudley.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Burton, to have dinner with friends, who we haven’t seen for a long time. And on Sunday we went together to the baptism of little Arthur. In England you have the feeling that everything starts very early: at two in the afternoon we finished and returned to our house near Birmingham. Before, we ate an authentic pig roast at Burton Rugby Football Club. We covered a lot of miles, but we didn’t get lost when we went driving because we have a new sat nav! Well done Isabel!

We could talking about the weekend, but the coffee is over and my teacher put a challenge on the table: What is DIY? Of course, I couldn’t find any thing on the net. Internet and dictionaries are not allowed on this course, but we can go to find the answer outside!

We went to a big commercial area B & Q. First we made a tour of the entire commercial area to review vocabulary and seeking signs of the three letters. Then I asked a young uniformed girl, but she just knew that there is a website www.diy.com. Finally, one more experienced employee explained this expression; do it yourself, also known as DIY.

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