The exercise was more complicated in my English course today because it was to do with memory. We can exercise our innate ability when we play as children. So we played the alphabet game with things we can buy:

“Yesterday I went shopping and I bought an apricot, some bread, three carrots, a packet of dog biscuit, half a dozen eggs, some fruits, a bottle of gin, a tube of hand cream, an ice cream, two bottles of orange juice, one knife, a kilo of valencian lemons, a jar of marmalade, a news paper, two cans of olives, one bag of potatoes, one queen fish, a packet of rice, six pork sausages, a half kilo of tomatoes, one yellow umbrella, one wool veste, a bottle of red wine…”

Although someone else came to help us, we stopped here, because there aren’t any words which start with x, y or z. When I arrived home I found these in a small dictionary, the list was very small for these letters. We could buy one xylophone, one yacht and one zoo although with this complete shopping list we would be spending money like water.

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